Os Keyes: “Benjamin's Ghost: Gender, AI and the Twisting of Trans Lives”

Dec 13, 2019 6:00 PM
Design by Cosmic (115 Cooper St., Santa Cruz)
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Discussions of technology and gender usually focus on how gender shapes the design and use of technology — but less-discussed is the way that technology shapes our idea of what gender even is. In this talk, Os Keyes, a researcher and writer at the University of Washington studying gender, technology and (counter)power, will parallel the development of facial recognition systems for gender with the history of attempts to identify and classify trans people. In doing so, they will demonstrate the profound (and violent) threat that AI systems — even those which claim to merely be "observing" or "measuring" — pose for individuals’, communities’, and societies’ understanding of the range of possible human lives.

This event is part of a series of Digital Alchemy Talks at Design By Cosmic, probing the intellectual and ideological histories of art and technology.

Os Keyes

Os Keyes is a researcher and writer at the University of Washington, where they study gender, technology and (counter)power. Their research has been published in the conferences on Computer-Supported Collaborative Work and Computer-Human Interaction; their essays and reporting has appeared in Scientific American,Real Life,Logic Magazine and Slate. They are an inaugural winner of the Ada Lovelace Fellowship.

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